I put my face on. (2013)

“Once you enter into the performance state you can push your body to do things you absolutely could never normally do.”

This performance was inspired by Marina Abramovic’s quote above. Having found it to be true, I decided that I would perform the role of myself, not as I am in all of my shortcomings but as someone closer to the self that I aspire to be. I performed the role of Joyce Kwon for a month, applying Dior Extreme Addict Lipstick No. 756 and performing the ritual of putting my face on.

Though I often lack discipline when it comes to doing things for my own good, I can be unnaturally disciplined when it is for one of two reasons: spiritual or performative. I was curious to see how the performance could affect my actions. I was also curious to see how that would affect me internally, after having done it for a month. Would the performance really become a part of me and cease being a performance at some point?

Visit the tumblr for I put my face on. for the daily video documentation of the performance.