Call Intercepted by an Angel

My mom visited Seoul for about a week and I saw her off at Incheon Airport Friday night. On Saturday, I checked with my dad that she had gotten into LAX and went about my day. When I got home, my grandma told me she was so worried—she is always worried, that is her sickness—she called my mom to make sure she had gotten back okay.

It would have been the middle of the night in Los Angeles. My grandma’s caretaker spoke on the phone, as she often does since my grandma is hard of hearing, and said she spoke to “Angela” who said mom was home safe but sleeping. They both said Angela repeatedly and excitedly (I thought my grandma only knew us by our Korean names) and seemed rather happy about the whole episode, which was noteworthy because the caretaker rarely, if ever, looks happy and my grandma is, in general, morose.

I mainly thought it odd that my sister Angela should pick up since she does not live at home in LA and would not be able to pick up. I messaged my family today to ask who had picked up the phone.

angel on the phone

It wasn’t anyone in my family.

My dad said she may have dialed the wrong number or an angel told her. Did my grandma dial a wrong international number and happen to reach someone who spoke Korean, someone who told them that mom was home asleep? Or was it an angel going by the name of Angela? The second option seems much more plausible.

My parents were able to sleep soundly and my grandma had reassurance.

Thank you, Angela. It’s good to know you’re here.

(On a side note, is it confusing that our family guardian angel has the same name as my baby sis? Maybe that’s a popular name among angels … Or did my parents unknowingly name my sister after the angel?)

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